Renovated Restaurant Kappeli – delightful tastes and art

The renovation of the more than 150-year-old restaurant Kappeli in Helsinki Esplanade Park is completed. The design agency Fyra has been responsible for the renovation project of the restaurant. The new look is fresh, the café has the look of a winter garden and there are cocktails available in a new lounge-like bar while the renovation respected the history of the building. In addition, a bakery has been built in the basement.

Restaurant manager Santeri Uusitalo believes that Kappeli, will become a tourist destination where you can admire the unique building and art, while enjoying the house delicacies from early morning until late evening. – The spirit of traditional Kappeli is now stronger than ever, says Uusitalo.

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Restaurant Kappeli is situated in a historically valuable building, which is largely protected for the future. The reform did not forget the interesting history of the restaurant, and many details of the building still remind of it.

Menus and meals and high-quality ingredients also respect the history of Kappeli. According to kitchen chef Kimmo Martiskainen handmade and seasonal food will be important in the future. – During the spring and summer, at least vegetables, asparagus and rhubarb are on the list – not forgetting the domestic berries, lamb, reindeer or fish, Martiskainen says.

The restaurant has retained customers’ favorite dishes and menus, but new ones are also available according to the seasons.

Own bakery makes products for both the café and the restaurant. The decades old sourdough of the own bakery have been brought to Kappeli by the Chef. Visitors can enjoy European wines – a list which is built around the old world wines and also a wide selection of beers is available.

In addition to dining comfort, Restaurant Kappeli also presents art and history. The restaurant has placed many valuable art pieces in the wide dining areas – those which have been in the property since 1870s.

A couple of beautiful scenes in the restaurant. Beautiful and valuable art , as well as the renovated bay windows with a great view to the Esplanade park.

Visitors can admire several paintings by Albert Edelfelt and Severin Falkman, a few artists to be mentioned. These art pieces exist in the restaurant in gratitude for their “free Sunday breakfasts”. The bronze sculpture Muusa by Wäinö Aaltonen is placed in the restaurant hall, Birger Kaipiainen’s fine mosaic work Dancing Couples is placed on the wall of the café. A brochure on this art is available in the restaurant.

Restaurant Kappeli is open daily from morning to evening, including Sundays



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