Classic restaurants in Helsinki

Ravintola Kosmos

Ideal Helsinki presents here four of the most interesting traditional, long-established restaurants in Helsinki. Helsinki's legendary, historic restaurants offer popular, widely known food and surroundings, that date back to decades. The milieus of these restaurants might as well be found in Paris or any other metropol. Many of them have  Art Nouveau décor combined with … Continue reading Classic restaurants in Helsinki

Grand Champagne Helsinki 2018 19.4.-21.4.

Grand Champagne Helsinki. Kuva: Grand Champagne Helsinki.

Bubbles fill Vanha Ylioppilastalo (The Old Student House) of Helsinki 19th -21st of April bringing together champagne lovers, gourmands and top names in the industry. The three-day event features experts sharing their know-how, passion and champagnes. This year the star guests include the highly esteemed cellar master Richard Geoffroy, the creative mind and palate behind … Continue reading Grand Champagne Helsinki 2018 19.4.-21.4.

Silja Line & Tallink – Ligurian food at Tavolàta restaurants

The first warm course, i.e. primi piatti is a scampi risotto, which gets its creamy texture from Stracciatella cream cheese. The zucchini pasta is enjoyed with Taggiasca olives and roasted pine nuts. Photo Silja Line.

The Italian Chef Valter Gaiaudi planned a completely new menu to Silja Line’s and Tallink’s Tavolàta restaurants. Customers will get to enjoy the new menu for one year 1.4.2018-31.3.2019 in the Silja Line and Tallink cruise ships. The menu originating from Liguria is composed among others of seafood and it has been inspired by what … Continue reading Silja Line & Tallink – Ligurian food at Tavolàta restaurants