Renovated Restaurant Kappeli – delightful tastes and art

The renovation of the more than 150-year-old restaurant Kappeli in Helsinki Esplanade Park is completed. The design agency Fyra has been responsible for the renovation project of the restaurant. The new look is fresh, the café has the look of a winter garden and there are cocktails available in a new lounge-like bar while the … Continue reading Renovated Restaurant Kappeli – delightful tastes and art

Classic restaurants in Helsinki

Ravintola Kosmos

Ideal Helsinki presents here four of the most interesting traditional, long-established restaurants in Helsinki. Helsinki's legendary, historic restaurants offer popular, widely known food and surroundings, that date back to decades. The milieus of these restaurants might as well be found in Paris or any other metropol. Many of them have  Art Nouveau décor combined with … Continue reading Classic restaurants in Helsinki

New mocktail menu on Silja Line

Silja Line’s new mocktail menu reveals rising popularity of non-alcoholic drinks. Ideal Helsinki got acquainted with the revised list of non-alcoholic cocktails, that is mocktails, introduced by Tallink Silja Line. Mocktail popularity is growing all over the world, and the cruising line company is responding to the international demand. The company collaborates with Mixtec and … Continue reading New mocktail menu on Silja Line