Restaurant Kappeli will be reopened in spring 2022

The legendary Restaurant Kappeli is closed 31.10.2021-22.4.2022 due to renovation. The unique Kappeli spirit will be on stage again from 1st of May 2022.

As a result of renovations, the restaurant’s traditions and menus will meet the modern-day requirements. Finnish artists as poet Eino Leino still have their place of honour in this Helsinki based restaurant. The atmosphere like the poet´s table and the famous paintings still remains the same in Kappeli..

Jean Sibelius set menu
  • Finnish lamb seasoned with rosemary and juniper berries (L, G)
  • Sea buckthorn and garlic
  • Roasted Finnish whitefish (L, G)
  • Fish roe sauce, spinach and vegetable bake
  • Cloudberry parfait, blueberries and almond cake (L)

Photos Ideal Helsinki

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