Blini season in Helsinki restaurants

Blini season in Helsinki is yearly from January to the beginning of March. Many restaurants serve these originally Slavic style buttery delicacies in their menus.

The Finnish style version is usually made of buckwheat flour. Blinis are traditionally served with caviar, in Finnish restaurants often with fish roe (white fish, vendace ), chopped red onions and sour cream smetana, on the top, and a pinch of black pepper and dill.

In addition to a single blini dish, many kitchens prepare also an assortment of blinis which may include also honey, pickled cucumbers, porchini mousse or even Finnish smoked vendace.

Some restaurants include even a small portion or mini blinis in their starters.

Sparkling wines and champagne are very often mentioned to be the best wine pair with blinis. Restaurants recommend also dry white wines.

The champagne selection of Restaurant Perho


One of the famous restaurants to serve blinis is Restaurant Perho . They have made blinis with the same traditional receipt since 1980´s and were among the first to serve blinis in Helsinki

Perho`s Blini dish include sour creme smetana, fish roe, chopped red onions and dill.

Restaurant Lasipalatsi

Restaurant Lasipalatsi is also a legendary restaurant to serve blinis in the center of Helsinki

Traditional blini dish at restaurant Lasipalatsi.

Restaurant 10. kerros

Restaurant 10. kerros is located on the 10th floor in the city center with a huge view over the roofs of Helsinki. 10.kerros has got blini menu as well.

An extra blini is very often included to the blini meal. Prices vary from 15 to 20 euros. An assortment from 20-30 euros..

Photos Ideal Helsinki

Also there restaurants serve Blinis: Salutorget, Troikka, Meripaviljonki, Kappeli