Alppila Fashion Days 19.-21.10

Alppila Fashion Days is a special event focusing on women’s autumn fashion, including cocktail and party clothing. The event will take place between 19th and 21st October. Lots of sales samples, new arrivals and discounted items will be available.




Korkkari 37 offers a large selection of unique sales sample shoes in sizes 36,5-38 (EUR) from a variety of well known international brands. For example, on Thursday the 19th the Vagabond shoes will arrive to the shop. At the same time, many other new items will be available each day.



In the same address, you are able to find women’s clothing and accessories from the collections B.Young and Fransa (sales samples in size 38) and Serpentiini (sales samples available in all sizes).

The venue is located in Alppila, Aleksis Kiven Katu 52-54 A-C, 00510 Helsinki.

Opening hours Thursday and Friday 10-19, Saturday 10-15.

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