Sauna – in the heart of the Helsinki Christmas Market

Sauna is almost everywhere. For most Finns going to sauna is a tradition, and a moment of relaxation. Finns follow the inherited sauna practices in their own traditions. The saunas are of every size and shape, depending on the space, and whether the sauna is in the city, or in the countryside at a summer … Continue reading Sauna – in the heart of the Helsinki Christmas Market

Christmas time events in Helsinki

Christmas time in Helsinki begins with interesting events this weekend. Information of   lovely Christmas shopping, markets and other activities is and will be published on the Ideal Helsinki magazine and blog. Finnish handicraft and design is available on many of these markets. Read more of the ideas in our link  here Photo by Ideal Helsinki.  … Continue reading Christmas time events in Helsinki

Pohjolan Perintö – exhibition until 7th October

Pohjolan Perintö - exhibition continues until 7th October.  This exhibition presents Päivi Saarikoski´s paintings. The art of  Saarikoski presents her art and her love to the nature. Päivi Saarikoski says she is proud of  and worried at the same time about  the environment and surrounding nature. Her paintings reflect the theme. She finds the inspiration … Continue reading Pohjolan Perintö – exhibition until 7th October

Kim Simonsson & Kalevala Koru

  Kim Simonsson & Kalevala Koru Gallery Hanaholmen 1.9.-22.10.2017   You have still the possibility to visit this exhibition in Gallery Hanaholmen. Kalevala Koru which is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe combines jewelry design with modern art. Kalevala Koru and it´s beloved jewelery is exhibited alongsinde with the artwork of Kim … Continue reading Kim Simonsson & Kalevala Koru