PIZZORANTE BRO – Italian style restaurant in Helsinki

Hotel Hilton Helsinki Strand is an iconic landmark in Hakaniemi region, and the hotel with it´s restaurant are a cosy combo of city life and a relaxed seaside atmosphere. Hilton Helsinki Strand is situated at the Helsinki seaside near the city centre.

The Italian style restaurant Pizzorante BRO is in the beautiful vast entrance hall of the hotel. Restaurant serves Italian food. Their speciality is a thin and crispy Roman style pizza.

Read about Pizzorante Bro in Finnish, here Ravintola Pizzorante Bro ihastuttaa italialaisuudellaan

The kitchen of the Pizzorante Bro combines different Italian regional delicacies with simple cuisine. At the same time quality ingredients in pizzas enable the restaurant to offer customers an interesting variety of Italian flavours. The kitchen prepares dishes with the Italian style and with Finnish heart and twist.

“Finnish porcini (Boletus edulis), fresh pasta from northern Italy or even tomatoes from southern Italy, are part ot the combo we use in our Roman style pizzas”, defines the restaurant.

In addtion to pizzas including vegan alternatives, there are other Italian dishes on the menu, like Antipasto, Bruchetta, Gnocchis ja Italian pasta such as Pappardelle & Spice Sausage.

Desserts such as tiramisu, pannacotta, ice cream and cheese belong to the menu of Pizzorante Bro.

Also Take away pizzas available..

Pizzorante Bro website

Pizzorante Bro location on the map

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