Iconic Finnish fish soup in three style

Fish soup belongs to modern as well as to traditional Finnish kitchen. Finland has thousands of lakes and fish soup has always been eaten in the whole country. Finnish fish soup traditionally includes salmon or other fatty fish, often accompanied with some lean fish. The other main ingredients are broth, onion or leek and potato and other root vegetables. Milk or cream is often used in the broth, and the dish is garnished with dill. Rye bread, which is a Finnish household staple is traditionally served with the soup.

We present here three delicious versions from Helsinki restaurants.

Enjoy your favorite!

Food Market Herkku

Fish soup á la chef Eero Vottonen. Local Fish by the season, crème fraîche and lemon. This fish soup served in two sizes.


Fish soup á la chef at Food Market Herkku Image: Ideal Helsinki

Bistro Story

Creamy salmon soup garnished with dill in Bistro Story at Kauppahalli.


Salmon soup at Restaurant Story Image: Ideal Helsinki

Kolme Kruunua

Traditional salmon soup with rye bread is served at restaurant Kolme Kruunua, which is a traditional restaurant established in Helsinki already in the 1950s.


Salmon soup at Kolme Kruunua. Image: Ideal Helsinki

Images: Ideal Helsinki.