Pohjolan Perintö – exhibition until 7th October

Pohjolan Perintö – exhibition continues until 7th October.  This exhibition presents Päivi Saarikoski´s paintings.

The art of  Saarikoski presents her art and her love to the nature. Päivi Saarikoski says she is proud of  and worried at the same time about  the environment and surrounding nature. Her paintings reflect the theme.

She finds the inspiration from the nature of her childhood´s area in Finnish Ostrobothnia. There she used to play in the forests, by the riversides and on the fields. Saarikoski has painted animals since her first individual exhibition in 2010.



This exhibition of Pohjolan Perintö contains nine acrylic /oil paintings on canvas, which can be seen in the lobby of restaurant Salutorget, Helsinki. This exhibition is open until 7th  October.

Saarikoski designed the imposing label of recently launched Pohjolan Perintö Sankari red wine. On the label there can be seen one of her paintings of Finnish horse.

Photos © Ideal Helsinki