Kim Simonsson & Kalevala Koru


Kim Simonsson & Kalevala Koru

Gallery Hanaholmen 1.9.-22.10.2017

Kalevala Koru has Kim Simonsson´s Sylkevä Tyttö and Lätäkkötyttö  necklaces in jewelry collection. Photo: Jakke Nikkarinen.


You have still the possibility to visit this exhibition in Gallery Hanaholmen.

Kalevala Koru which is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe combines jewelry design with modern art.

Kalevala Koru and it´s beloved jewelery is exhibited alongsinde with the artwork of Kim Simonsson.

Some of  the Kim Simonsson´s fascinating characters has been transformed into jewelery. Two silver necklaces Sylkevä Tyttö and Lätäkkötyttö have been both launched on woman´s day 2017. Designed by Kirsti Doukas.


Gunvor Kronman, Galleria Hanaholmen, Kirsti Doukas, Kalevala Koru and Kim Simonsson. Photo: Jakke Nikkarinen.


Kim Simonsson is one of the most original artists of modern Finland.  Kalevala Koru Oy as a company turns this year 80 years. In the same year, Finland celebrates it´s 100 years  of independence.

This expo is open until 22.10. 2017