From the Editor

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You are reading the latest Ideal Helsinki magazine. Ideal Helsinki media has been set up in Helsinki to share ideas and information on shopping, dining and leisure opportunities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Espoo and Vantaa.

We can be followed in several ways. In addition to our high-quality magazine we´re on several social media channels as well. In addition to the personalized paper version, you can find the web page on the internet. We also post the latest ideas for eating in Instagram under the heading @eatinhelsinki.

Facebook is an easy way to keep track of us, as well as catching the date of the latest issue of the magazine’s four publications each year.

There are many online addresses attached with Ideal Helsinki. They serve the possible supplementary questions of products and businesses on the pages of the magazine.

Moving around in Helsinki is easy, everything´s near You in the City.

We hope You enjoy the Ideal Helsinki magazine. We also wish You a very pleasant visit to Helsinki.