Ideal Helsinki is listing some interesting home decor ideas from Habitare fair 2018

Habitare, the leading design, furniture, and interior decoration event in Finland was held in Messukeskus Helsinki 12.-16. September. Habitare experiences and gives ideas on interior decoration in homes and spaces. Habitare has got 56 000 consumer visitors every year.

With its organiser, Messukeskus Helsinki, Habitare event covers all aspects of the home and the good life, featuring, for example, furniture, interior and lifestyle products, all spaces of the home, surface materials, and home appliances – an entire way of life.

Habitare 2018 features 450 companies, most of which represent Finnish and Scandinavian design.


Averi lamps and interior wall time pieces made of wooden materials. Made in Finland.

Vaja Finland kitchenware and porcelain. Made in Finland


Trend installation Signals renaissance.  A colourful theme reminds us of the 1950s and of the signals of nature


Havi´s  is a home collection of fragrances, candles, home textiles and other home decorations .

LUHTAHOME 2_10064_150_1_980_brand_01

Luhta Home is a modern Scandianavian home decor collection. Inspiration comes from the unique nature of Finland.


The new transparent material for curtain is made of paper. Available in white, black and beige. Made by Woodnotes.


The tones of Marimekko products are typical for this autumn season. The geometric patterns are continuing as favourites in the collection.

Stockmann Casa collection brings Urban life and nature elements to our homes. Wooden elements, ceramics and  pure nature fibres are a part of this theme.


Colourful materials in the kitchen or in the bathroom are popular! Just make your own vision come true. By Cello, K-rauta.

Photos: Ideal Helsinki, Luhta Home