New mocktail menu on Silja Line

Silja Line’s new mocktail menu reveals rising popularity of non-alcoholic drinks.

Berry Merry Mocktail.

Ideal Helsinki got acquainted with the revised list of non-alcoholic cocktails, that is mocktails, introduced by Tallink Silja Line. Mocktail popularity is growing all over the world, and the cruising line company is responding to the international demand.
The company collaborates with Mixtec and the World Cocktail Champion of 2016, bartender Markus Sillanpää, to develop the beverage selection.

Sillanpää working on mocktail.

Sillanpää has developed Tallink Silja’s new menu, and at the same time trained bar staff to refine mocktail mixes until they´re perfect .

Sillanpää working on mocktail II.
The company sees that more and more domestic and international travelers choose for themselves a high-quality non-alcoholic cocktail, and that customers specifically want to test new flavors and experiences in their mocktails. Mocktail making is also a skill that can create exquisite drinking experiences.

There are a total of eight mocktail options on the renewed list of Silja Tallink. There are also so-called ” “Premium mocktails”, meaning healthier and tastier non-alcoholic options, says Markus Sillanpää.
– The basic ingredients of mocktails are flavoured syrups, which include favorites of this summer, like Modo cask and Modo rosmary. Cask is tanned with oak, pepper and berries. Rosemary is a favorite flavor, which is suitable for cocktails, but also for baking. On the ships I wanted to design a varied mocktail menu, including hot mango, four seasons and herbal cranberries, Markus Sillanpää, the World Cocktail Champion sums up.

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Photos:  Ideal Helsinki and Silja Line