Massless exhibiton at Amos Rex museum

Amos Rex - TeamLab:Massless -exhibition - Crows...
Crows… Image: Amos Rex

Opening exhibition of the recently established Amos Rex museum is Massless by TeamLab, which uses computer science to express nature in terms of modern art. The Massless exhibition is open until 6th of January 2019. Multidisciplinary and pioneering Amos Rex was opened to public 30.8.2018.

Amos Rex facade.
Amos Rex facade. Image: Amos Rex.

”Through digitally rendered representations of natural phenomena- flowing water, crashing waves, crows chasing crows, a single ecosystem – viewers can ponder nature and engage with it in a compressed form.”

Amos Rex

Digital technology, that lies in the heart of Massless, allows new ways in creating art. By using digital techniques, the artwork can be liberated from its physical weight, hence making it massless. TeamLab, the creator of Massless, was founded by Toshiyki Inoko in 2001, and is a collaboration of 500 members from various disciplines like arts, animation, mathematics, architecture, computer science and engineering.

Amos Rex - TeamLab: Massless -exhibition - Vortex of Light Particles.
Vortex of Light Particles. Image: Ideal Helsinki.

Black Waves by teamLab at Massless exhibition at Amos Rex.
Black Waves. Image: Ideal Helsinki.

The exhibition comprises five works representing natural phenomena, like flowing water and crashing waves. Visitors can interact with the artwork, and for example an animal drawn by a visitor can become alive inside the artwork, or the flowers bloom based on movements of the visitor inside the artwork.

Graffiti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn. Image: Amos Rex.
Graffiti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn. Image: Amos Rex.

Exhibition is open until 6.1. 2019 in Amos Rex museum.

More info: Amos Rex

Images: Amos Rex, Ideal Helsinki. Featured image: Amos Rex.