Sauna – in the heart of the Helsinki Christmas Market

Sauna is almost everywhere. For most Finns going to sauna is a tradition, and a moment of relaxation.

Finns follow the inherited sauna practices in their own traditions. The saunas are of every size and shape, depending on the space, and whether the sauna is in the city, or in the countryside at a summer resort. And most of the urban saunas are rapidly heated up by electricity.

In Helsinki, there are a number of contemporary saunas, from public saunas with swimming pools to private saunas to be rented.

The modern sauna is also  designed  more and more to offer surroundings for a relaxing sauna time. The sauna of today also has more of spa ambience than ever.
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Tori Quarters Christmas sauna to the heart of the Helsinki Christmas Market

This year the largest and the oldest Christmas market The Helsinki Christmas Market has brought in addition to the market shopping also a charming Tori Quarters Christmas sauna to the heart of the market for the first time.

Tuomaan Markkinat iltahamara Jussi Hellsten
Tuomaan markkinat at night Photo: Jussi Hellsten, Helsinki Marketing.

The market is open from the 2nd until 22nd of December.  Mon-Fri 11-20 and Sat-Sun 10-19. The sauna yard is open Wed-Fri 15-10, Sat-Sun 14-19 and the fee is 5 euros (includes a towel).

More info: Tuomaan Markkinat,Torikorttelit

Photo & Featured Image: Jussi Hellsten, Helsinki Marketing.