New Menu Nordic by Peeter Pihel on Silja Line

New Menu Nordic by Peeter Pihel is available on Silja Line and Tallink’s fine dining restaurants from September 19, 2018 until January 9, 2019.

Menu Nordic is, for the first time in Tallink’s history, designed by an Estonian chef. Peeter Pihel’s five-course menu includes authentic Estonian flavors and ingredients from the forests, meadows and waters of the country. The menu also respects traditional cooking techniques and is dedicated to the centenary of Estonia. See the menu at the end of this article.

Silja Line Menu Nordic by Peeter Pihel 2018. Photo Ideal Helsinki.
Peeter Pihel introduced the new menu on M/S Victoria I

Chef Peeter Pihel has made use of traditional Estonian recipes as well as new recipe concepts in the menu design. The menu is based on characteristic Estonian raw materials and dishes, which have been enhanced by new and unexpected tastes from the surrounding nature. The menu delivers pork, whitefish, cod and quail combined with seasonal vegetables and roots.

– Menu Nordic’s raw materials and flavor combinations are very simple. The objective is to emphasize every ingredient as such and not suppress them with excessive flavor combinations. For this reason, the plate has only up to 3-5 different elements, explains Pihel.

The cooking techniques used range from salting to smoking, and slow-cooking in a traditional hay box. In some dishes the traditional ingredients have been replaced by other options providing contemporary features to the cuisine. Peeter Pihel believes that all of the choices in the menu give justice to Estonia’s culinary art of today.

Vegetarians and vegans have been specifically designed a three-course menu where meat and fish have been replaced by different vegetables such as black roots, ground artichoke and kale. The five-course Menu Nordic, designed by Peeter Pihel, is served on the Helsinki-Stockholm route and on the Stockholm-Tallinn route in the fine dining restaurants until the 9th of January 2019.

 The five-course menu with wine costs 118 euros and for patrons 109 euros.

Photos: Ideal Helsinki, Silja Line. English edition: Mirja Honkanen

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by Peeter Pihel 19.9.2018–9.1.2019

Beetroot & Pork Belly

Beetroot baked in hay, ramson capers and six months cured pork belly

Pfaff l Weissburgunder, Niederösterreich, Austria 10 cl

Salsify & Whitefish

Roasted salsify, cured whitefish and whitefish roe, whey and dill oil dressing

Nespoli Campodora Albana Secco, Romagna, Italy 10 cl

Cod Cheek & Onion

Cod cheek confit, roasted onion, crayfish sauce

Chapoutier Bila-Haut Cotes du Roussilion Blanc, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 12 cl

Quail & Carrot

Quail from of Järveotsa farm, pickled carrots and smoked Jerusalem artichoke

Joseph Drouhin Rully Rouge, Bourgogne, France 12 cl

Semolina & Red Currant

Red currant and semolina mousse with cottage cheese ice and woodruff flavored milk

Acquesi Piemonte Brachetto Spumante, Piemonte, Italy 10 cl