Silja Line & Tallink – Ligurian food at Tavolàta restaurants

The Italian Chef Valter Gaiaudi planned a completely new menu to Silja Line’s and Tallink’s Tavolàta restaurants. Customers will get to enjoy the new menu for one year 1.4.2018-31.3.2019 in the Silja Line and Tallink cruise ships.

The menu originating from Liguria is composed among others of seafood and it has been inspired by what ordinary Italian housewives buy from their local market places.

Chef Valter Gaiaudi  works as a teacher in Arma Di Taggia’s hotel and cooking school, which is one of the national top talent schools in Italy.

Gaiaudi kitchen
Gaiaudi is inspired by different seasons and aromas. -Especially by walking around on fish, fruit and vegetable market places watching what normal Italian housewives buy and prepare, he defines. Photo Silja Line.

The new menu of the Tavolàta restaurants contains specialties and raw materials from the Liguria region; seafood, fish, meat and vegetables. For starters there is cod, very popular in Italy. The scallops have been lightly smoked and flavored with fennel and star anise.

Scampi risotto.
The first warm course, i.e. primi piatti is a scampi risotto, which gets its creamy texture from Stracciatella cream cheese. The zucchini pasta is enjoyed with Taggiasca olives and roasted pine nuts. Photo Silja Line.

The roasted salmon is served with sesame sauce. The halibut fried in butter comes with grape emulsion, braised endive and lightly caramelized clementine. One of the main dishes is the rabbit roll, which is filled with veal meat, spinach and herbs. The dish is served with olives, aubergine caviar and thyme sauce. Naturally, the menu also contains grilled fillet of beef.

From the desserts, the Tiramisu is certainly the most loved one. The Ricotta pudding with sugared orange, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce will unarguably find many friends.


Olive oil ice cream.
The definite front-runner of the desserts is after all the olive oil ice cream, which Silja Serenade’s Chef de Cuisine Juha Tamminen shortly comments “extremely good”. Photo Silja Line.


Valter Gaiaudi planned the menu in cooperation with the chefs of Silja Line, as also some of the all-time favorites of Tavolàta were to remain on the menu. The menu still offers two different antipasti assortments, tomato and mozzarella salad also known as Caprese, salmon and lemon pannacotta. The four course “Menu Italiano” costs 59 €, other prices according to portions.

Olives are a delicacy of the Ligurian region. The Taggisca olives grow on the mountains descending from the Alps towards the Mediterranean. The olives are grown by traditional methods by the Boeri family, whose famous ROI olives and olive oils are used in the Tavolàta kitchen. The products can also be bought as souvenirs in the Tavolàta restaurants.

Tallink & Silja Line cruise ships operate from Helsinki to Tallinn and to Stockholm via Åland. More information about additional routes and timetables  can be found from Tallink and  Silja Line homepage.

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Photos by Silja Line